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description: Helps With Swimming Pool Care? Clean Pool and Spa Makes Pool Water Chemistry, Green Pools, and Cloudy Pool Water Simple To Understand and Fix.
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og:description: Helps With Swimming Pool Care? Clean Pool and Spa Makes Pool Water Chemistry, Green Pools, and Cloudy Pool Water Simple To Understand and Fix.
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      Easy Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance | Clean Pool and Spa
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      Easy Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance From Clean Pool and Spa

      Swimming Pool Care Made Easy with Clean Pool and Spa.  We Makes Pool Water Chemistry, Green Pools, and Cloudy Pool Water Simple To Understand and Fix.

      Click on the images below to get started.


      Easy Pool Shock Treatment and Chlorine Safety. Best Way To Learn Pool Chlorine Shock For Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance. 


      Cost of swimming pool and pool maintenance. Before you build a swimming pool, consider the financing of the financing of the pool and mistakes to avoid.


      Swimming Pool Sizes & Swimming Pool Shape and Design. Understand Basic Swimming Pool Prices Before You Buy. 


      Pool Sand Filter Problems & Sand Filter Maintenance & Troubleshoot Pool Filter Sand Issues.


      Understanding Pool pH, Pool Alkalinity, & pH Definition In Chlorine & Saltwater Pools.


      Easy Pool Start Up Procedures.  Expert Directions On Spring Pool Opening & Start-Up Kit Pool Maintenance.


      Discount & Used Swimming Pools. Used Above Ground Swimming Pools. 


      Understand Cloudy Pool Water & Swimming Pool Water Maintenance. How To Get Rid Of A Cloudy Swimming Pool Without A Pool Clarifier.


      Sodium hypochlorite is a perfect way to disinfect your pool. It's a great alternative to calcium hypochlorite for places with hard water and high calcium hardness.


      Swimming Pool Chlorine & Pool Chlorine Tablets Are Good Water Quality Indicators For Pool Water Maintenance


      Green pools and cloudy pool water is normally a lack of pool chlorine. You can easily clear up a green swimming pool.


      Understand Pool Alkalinity & Swimming Pool pH. Use A Swimming Pool Test Kit, Pool Acid & Baking Soda.

      ProTuff Ultimate Pool Pole Exclusive Offer only to Clean Pool and Spa Guests.  Get 30% OFF PLUS an Automatic $5 Coupon.  Offer End June 3, 2019!! 

      ProTuff made an extremely generous offer that's exclusive to ONLY Clean Pool and Spa.  Click HERE and get started today!!

      Whether for salt water pool systems, an above ground or inground, or a general understanding of chlorine chemistry, cloudy pool water, or the best swimming pool test kit, get the pool maintenance you deserve.

      I started my Clean Pool and Spa website back in 2009 with the intention of helping pool owners have the best pool at the lowest cost possible.

      How Clean Pool and Spa Helps With Swimming Pool Care 

      I was getting so many emails, questions and phone calls about pools not being clear and balanced.  I heard their frustration at having spent so much time and money and still not being able to enjoy their pool. There are numerous variables that can cause your water to be green, cloudy, unbalanced, etc.. and it seems there are 10 products for each problem. It's easy to become confused. Most resort to going to their local pool supply store for answers.

      You're NOT wrong. What you're TOLD is wrong. The information you're getting about your pool simply goes against the Universal Laws of Pool Chemistry & Physics that apply equally to every salt and chlorine pool in the world.  Any advice given to you about your pool will either CONFIRM or CONTRADICT these applicable Universal Laws of Pool Chemistry. 

      Folks, this is absolutely 1st Grade stuff.  Easy beyond belief!!  If you can add chlorine, sweep, and empty the skimmer basket, you can have a perfect pool!!    

      Trouble Free & No Problems With Clean Pool and Spa 

      YOUR swimming pool chemistry is of the utmost importance. Routine steps are critical to ensure your pool is running at peak efficiency.

      With these basic swimming pool care instructions you will learn about:Cartridge Pool Filter Maintenance, Sand, & DE FiltersCloudy Swimming PoolGreen Pool Water & Prevention Pool Water Test Kits & the Best One To BuyPool Alkalinity, Pool pH, Chlorine, etc...All Kinds Of Heating Such As An Electric Pool HeaterSwimming Pool FountainsSwimming Pool IdeasPool Stabilizer, Dichlor, pH Reducer, Granular Chlorine, Chlorine Tabs, Alkalinity Increaser, Pool Filter CleanerSwimming pool leaks detectionSwimming pool renovationSwimming pool repairsPool cleaning services

         And much more...

      My friends, I've personally cleared up over 700 green and cloudy pools over the last 20 years.  I've also cleaned and maintained hundreds more in in Arizona, Oregon and Florida since starting in the pool business in 1999. And I was the pool operator for the YMCA in Oregon starting in 2008.  I'll walk you through the best and proven swimming pool care ways to keep your pool looking its best and to keep that swimming pool algae and green pool water away from you forever.

      If I can do this for their pools, imagine what I can do for your swimming pool care and maintenance. As always, I'm available to answer your questions via email, personal phone consultations, and through SKYPE. Be sure the check out the Testimonial page on Clean Pool and Spa as well.

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